• Modular solution for logistics
  • Solution for conveyors and forwarders (transport organizers)
  • Complete logistics process from order to revenue / expenditure

Solution modules:

  • Order management – a highly automated module for entering and processing large quantities of transport orders
  • Dispatching
    Visualized solution for planning and assigning orders to vehicles
  • Planning
    A module that integrates order data, vehicles and interactive map display.
  • Transport Tours
    • Creating FTL / LTL / Groupage
    • Allocation / Disallocation of drivers
    • Revenue and cost analysis
    • Fuel consumption
  • Interfaces for loading and processing fuel and toll bills Over 30 suppliers integrated ino soluion exp. DKV / Shell / Verag / OMV / NIS / HAC / DARS / Putevi Srbije….
  • Automated invoicing
  • Automatic billing of carrier services
  • Controlling and managing of incoming accounts
  • Telematics
    Integration with most suppliers of GPS and telematics solutions CVS / FMS / Mobilisis / WebEye / iTrack / Almaks… Import of vehicle movement, distance traveled, vehicle location and integration into TMS processes
  • TMS Mobile
    Android app for drivers
    • Send detailed orders to the driver via application
    • Navigation
    • Entering of transportaion status
    • Photographing of documentation and automatic display in TMS orders
    • Entering of the costs on the road (driver enters costs while on the road)