A complete warehouse process management solution.

  • Basic data on owners of goods, customers, items, packaging, etc.
  • Warehouse design
    Defining locations, zones, docks…
  • Support for RF terminals
    All processes can be conducted on paper or via RF terminals
  • Bar code support
    The bar code is supported on all documents for he purpose of automation and acceleration of all processes in the warehouse
  • Admission process
    Receipt of goods in the warehouse via Receipt / Purchase Order or manual entry. Scan serial numbers and connect to warranties.
  • Placement of goods
    Placement of goods at the final locations after receipt
  • Replenishment of commission locations
  • Selection of goods
    System-assisted or manual selection of goods from locations
  • Shipping of goods
    Preparation for shipment and loading of vehicles. Scan serial numbers when loading into a vehicle.
  • Inventory management
    • Moving
    • Adjustment
    • Blocking
    • List management
  • Inventory tracking
    • Tracking of goods by expiration date
    • Track inventory by lot / batch / series
    • Tracking of goods by defined rules
  • Traceability of goods throughout the process – receipt to shipment
  • Providing traceability reports defined by the state

  • Customs warehouse module
  • ERP enterprise integration
  • Partner Integration API